MNS® Compact

MNS® Compact

Cost-efficient solutions for power distribution

MNS Compact integrates the XT range of molded circuit breakers to provide a high-density solution of up to 36 power circuits per section. The space-saving design enables a footprint reduction of up to 65% compared to standard type switchgear configurations.

MNS Compact utilizes the same frame and busbar system from the wider MNS portfolio providing maintenance free construction therefore reducing operation costs. The multifunction separation wall and main contact system is also utilized enabling online re-configuration, where operational procedures allow.

MNS Digital is available across the entire MNS portfolio providing a common look and feel for the user irrespective of the digitally enabled devices in the switchgear application. Enabling control, data acquisition (gathering) and reporting from the complete application. This information is then available via ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for electrical systems or 3rd party energy management systems in order to achieve operational savings through increased efficiency.


Main benefits

  • Footprint reduction: with up to 65% space saving compared to standard type switchgear configurations
  • Maximum safety: design-verified, touch protection through unique multi-function separator, system meets highest standards. Touch-protection ensures personnel are protected from live components.
  • Proven: The design has undergone extensive verification and testing
  • High power density: up to 36 power circuits per section
  • Flexible and bespoke: unified integration with the wider MNS portfolio
  • Up to 30% cost savings compared to standard modules.

Main features

  • Modular low-voltage power distribution with performance options up to 400 V / 100 k A / 6300 A
  • Cost-efficient fully certified solutions to IEC 61439-1/-2
  • Active arc protection option available through Arc Guard TVOC 2
  • Most compact Form 4 energy distribution footprint on the market
  • Enhanced thermal performance through optimized module configuration

Digital option

  • Comprehensive digital solutions for power management in energy distribution and process control applications
  • Temperature monitoring options for air circuit breakers, busbar systems and outgoing functional units
  • Current and voltage sensing with ABB’s smart circuit breakers Emax 2 and Tmax XT and / or power quality meters
  • Integrated data collection and data analysis with ABB Ability™ Condition monitoring for electrical systems for onsite access through secure browser technology
  • Connectivity to your plant monitoring and control systems using industry standard protocols, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP or Ethernet based protocol (Modbus TCP, Profinet, IEC 61850)
  • Cloud based monitoring option with ABB Ability™ Asset health for electrical system (MyRemoteCare)