Modularity to meet the most rigorous requirements

The MNS® metal enclosed low-voltage power circuit breaker switchgear for ANSI/NEMA/UL offers excellent flexibility due to the modularity of both the electrical and mechanical design.  The modularity enables customization of the structural design, interior arrangement and degree of protection.

The switchgear can be outfitted as needed with standardized components to perfectly adapt the MNS-SG to each application.  MNS-SG was designed, built and tested to meet all applicable requirements for UL1558, ANSI C37.20.1 and ANSI C37.20.7.

The MNS-SG supports the ABB vision of providing equipment that delivers world class performance under the intense mechanical, electrical and thermal stress of today’s rigorous manufacturing environments.


Main benefits

  • Personnel protection and safety
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable
  • Improved system protection with E-Max breakers

Main features

  • Up to 480V at 100kA and 85kA at 600V
  • Up to 5000A main and vertical bus
  • ANSI type 2B accessibility to protect the operator with the low voltage instrument compartment door open
  • Emax 100% rated UL 1066 circuit breakers
  • Optional plenum contains exhaust pressure & gas and channels them to a designated safe area