Reelable cables for medium to high mechanical stress

ÖLFLEX® CRANE VS (N)SHTÖU – Low voltage power cable for outdoor use and crane applications/conveyour technology. Reelable, U0/U: 0,6/1kV

  • Reinforced outer sheath design
  • Central and tear-resistant supporting
  • Suitable for extreme tensile stress



  • The central supporting element absorbs the tensile loads that occur, thereby allowing reeling, unreeling and deflection for free-hanging cables even over large distances.
  • Reeling, unreeling and guiding operations also impose tensile stresses on the cables
  • Integrated supporting braid prevents undesirable cable twists, and the formation of so-called corkscrew effects

Application range

  • For use in hoists, transport and conveyor
  • Cables are reeled, unreeled, and guided by roller trains
  • In dry or damp interiors, outdoors, or not more than 2 weeks without interruption in industrial water
  • The application profiles for ÖLFLEX® CRANE and ÖLFLEX® LIFT cables can be found in the appendix, selection table A3
  • The assembly and handling guidelines for ÖLFLEX® CRANE cables can be found in the catalogue appendix, technical table T4; for ÖLFLEX® LIFT cables please see the catalogue appendix, technical table T5

Product features

  • Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
  • Oil-resistant according to EN 60811-404
  • Good chemical, thermal and mechanical-resistance

Norm references / Approvals

  • Based on VDE 0250-814 (NSHTÖU)

Product Make-up

  • Strands of tinned-copper wires
  • Core insulation: rubber compound, type 3GI3
  • Central supporting element
  • Support braid integrated in the outer sheath
  • Outer sheath: rubber compound, type 5GM5