S200 range

S200 range

A ranged designed to ensure effiency and protection

The S200 range is designed to protect installations from overloads and short circuits, ensuring reliability and safety under all operating conditions. We feature a broad portfolio that offers solutions for many different applications, either for domestic, small commercial or industrial solutions. Due to approvals according to most major standards it can be used in installations worldwide. Furthermore the S200 range is fully compatible with a wide range of accessories


Main features

  • Twin terminal for separate feeding of busbar and conductor
  • IP20 – finger safety
  • Easy identification of the product and highly resistant laser marking
  • Safe your time – all important data available right away
  • Quick identification thanks to laser printed EAN marking
  • Contact position indication
  • Captive screws – don’t lose what’s important for you
  • Whatever your application need is applicable with a wide range of accessories

Product details

Contact position indicationAll System pro M compact® MCBs are suited with a contact position indication (CPI) on the toggle. You can easily identify, if the MCB is in the ON or the OFF position – easy and safe maintenance work is possible.

Approvals printed on the domeS 200 MCBs comply to IEC/EN 60898-1 and IEC/EN 60947-2 and carry all relevant approval marks for each market and segment they are destined to. The certification markings are also printed on the dome of the MCB. Thus make it possible to see the markings also in the mounted position. For control and acceptance procedure – certification marks visible on fitted devices on the dome.

Housing materialBy using the state-of-the-art housing material, ABB is taking care of the environment. With the latest generation of thermoplastics it’s possible to recycle the MCBs – especially the thermoplastic housingmaterial can be re-used. By using the latest generation of thermoplastics the material stability of all System pro M compact® MCBs is improved. S200 are 100% free of halogens – no environmental pollution.

Laser printingAll printings of the S 200 and S 200 M MCBs, like the approvals on the dome and the product identification, are printed by a laser. The laser printing ensures a friction, scratch and solvent resistant marking on the MCBs. Easy identification of the products in case of maintenance or replacements due to safe laser printing.

Screwless terminalsWith its unique terminal screwless technology the S 200 S provides maximum flexibility in usage of cables. The screwless load side terminal enables fast installation. High forces in the screwless terminal safe time for retightening after transport of the assembled enclosure. If the wiring has to be changed only a soft push on the lever is required. S 200 S provides the highest standard of safety for installer. IP20 / IPXXB (finger safe) highest standard of touch protection.

IP 20 – finger safe terminalsThe System pro M compact® MCB’s are equiped with 35 mm² + 10 mm² cylinder lift twin terminals, a well proven and reliable technology – designed for sopisticated industrial use. The cross wiring can easily be done by inserting the System pro M compact® busbars into the rear terminal part and then the incoming wires into the front part of the terminal.