S200C compact MCBs

S200C compact MCBs

Save up to 50% more space in the installation​

The S200C MCBs are compact, which makes them well-suited for saving space in the installation. Compact MCBs series 1P+1P in 1M, 2P in 1M, 3P and 4P in 2M with breaking capacity from 3kA to 10kA to cover applications from residential to industrial, including also marine and traction segments. Combination possible with auxiliary/signal contact of G2C series.


Main features

  • Supply with busbars or cables possible, either from the top or bottom side
  • High performance clips to facilitate mounting and dismounting operations, guaranteeing easy removal from a battery of devices supplied with busbars
  • Dedicated space for labels to clearly identify the protected lines
  • Clear contact status indication with I-ON/ 0-OFF indication in green/red on the toggle
  • Simple combination with signal/auxiliary contact of G2C series to monitor the status of the device. Right and left side mounting